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Weezer Nation sends troops against a-d0gg Nation

Past Operations:

Spec Ops Team El Scorcho sends retaliatory troops in whirlwind strike against the Isaac Nation Alliance.

Weezer Nation Special Forces Team El Scorcho has infiltrated enemy positions and left serious indicators behind.

Mission: To work behind enemy lines interrupting communication between enemy forces, supplying the valiant rebels of Isaac and X-Philia Nations, and various other tasks as needed by the government of Weezer Nation. The Spec Ops men are also responsible for assisting the conventional forces in any was possible.

Training: The Spec Ops of Weezer Nation have been covertly training since the creation of Weezer Nation, just on the off chance that any troops were ever needed. Now, the time has come, and all the time spent training will no doubt come in handy as the Spec Ops men are sent into the field in the coming weeks. The Special Forces Operatives have spent many long days climing, repelling, running, doing situps. Not to mention the extentsive weapons training. These men are the most qualified in the World for their jobs, and they will make all of us in Weezer Nation Proud.

History: The Weezer Nation Special Forces are a recently created departement of the Ministry of War, though their covert training goes way back. For almost a year now, covert strikes into Isaac Nation have been taking place, delivering large signs to show that they could make it in...and out, without being spotted by anyone in Isaac Nation. Now, with even more on the line, these Spec Ops men are prepared to do whatever it takes to secure the longevity of Weezer Nation, at any cost. Click here for the mandate creating the Covert Operations Division.


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