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The heinous attacks by the Alliance of Isaac Nation and X-Philia Nations against our fine, peaceloving nation has caused our President to call for the creation of a new army, something that Weezer Nation has never really seen before. The War Department has created a fighting force and dispatched it to fight against the agressions of the Isaac - X-Philia Alliance. Battles rage in the Ghetto, and the Boonies of Lexington while a Naval buildup on the Old Res' is expected to go hot any day now. War rages all over Lexington, and Weezer Nation needs YOU to fight off the oppressions of Isaac nation and it's puppet, X-Philia Nation.

Weezer Nation continues to stand up for itself and the oppressed people who were conquered in the unexpected initial push by Isaac Nation. Because Weezer Nation was caught off guard by Isaac Nation and the Alliance, Isaac Nation was able to take some early territory, but have no fear citizens of Weezer Nation, the Armed Forces of Weezer Nation will continue to pursue victory, and liberty of all. Let us make this world safe for Weezer!

Updates from the Fronts:

The Ghetto: The unexpected agressions by Isaac Nation caught Weezer Nation off guard, and so they were able to sack and plunder the Ghetto. Isaac Nation was able to march into East Lex. with only a token defense by the inhabitants. Isaac Nation and the Alliance rule in the Ghetto with an Iron Fist, and it is the Duty of Weezer Nation to free these people, and show them the true majesty of the Weezer Nation. Weezer Nation has since mobilized its forces, who are currently fighting with the Alliance in the Ghetto. A front appears to be stabilizing along Massachusetts Avenue, though fighting is intense, Weezer Nation shall prevail!

Issac Nation invades


The Boonies: Fighting in the Boonies is currently sporadic, but intense where it does occur. Because of extreme distances, and sparse population, it is hard for a front to stablize. Most of the fighting that does occur happens as ambushes or carefully planned strategic strikes against the few permanant positions that either side has established. X-Philia nation invaded the Boonies seeking its strategic resources, but fortunately a detachment of Army Raiders was on a good-will mission to the Boonies upon its invasion, and that detachment was able to fight fiercely from entrenched positions and prevent the X-Philia led force from conquering the Boonies. The War Department, upon hearing of the invasion of the Boonies, dispatched an expeditionary force to the region. Transit in the Boonies is diffucult, but the Army of Weezer Nation has managed to resupply and assist that group of Army Raiders. Weezer Nation is currently moving in to remove the aggressors from the region, but the terrain makes any sort of coordinated strike nearly impossible.

The Army Raiders who held off X-Philia Nation

The Old Res': The Old Res' is currently the biggest potential hotspot in the war. Both Weezer Nation and the Alliance have been building large fleets, and it is unclear what will happen on the lake. Weezer Nation is ever greatful to the men of the shipbuilding industry who make superior vessels, and will hopefully win us the war.

Weezer PT Boat on Patrol

The Town Center: The Center is currently a quiet region, though vehicals from the Weezer Nation People thrilled to have Weezer Forces Protecting ThemPeacekeeping Force are visible everywhere. Weezer Nation made the decision to send a peacekeeping force to ensure that the Town Center remains free from the intolerance of the Alliance. Currently, this zone seems like it will remain quiet, but intelligence suggests that Isaac Nation will probably make conquering the Center one of its priorities.



Towns People Thrilled by Weezer Peacekeepers

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