JUST RELEASED: Weezer Nation, after a stunning blow was dealt to the Presidential Residence, the Ministry of War, and the recently liberated city of Goobs' House, attacked a-d0gg Nation after confirmation of their involvement in the the attacks on our fine nation. Though incredible damage was done to the infrastructure and cities in Weezer Nation, we were able to scramble the elite El Scorcho Covert Ops Group to attack a-d0gg nation.

"Mom, if I don't come back, I died fighting for the cause."
-Corporal Goobs, El Scorcho Spec Op Team

Surfwax America was an attack of unprecedented scale and unequaled success. Estimates of the number of cones range between 35-45, along with Big Bertha's two and three, along with several new weapons just added to the Weeder Nation arsenal. These new weapons were given the tentative name of S.I.G.N.S. To a lay person, these would appear to be a "parade route detour sign," and a "road work ahead sign." Two armored vehicles, one loaded to the gills with munitions, and the other carrying Big Bertha 3, were used to carry out the attack.

Photos of the Operation:


Weezer Nation Munitions being unloaded in preparation for the attack on a-d0gg Nation









Weezer Nation Troops prepare the cones for deployment









Cones placed along the wall








Christmas Cone








Cones deployed in the front yard of the Residence of a-d0gg Nation








More cones in trees








Cones placed in the back of a-d0gg Nation Residence