Yesterday (4.7.02), Weezer Nation, responding to the increased belligerence on the part of Isaac Nation, was forced to dispatch the Special Forces of Weezer Nation to send a strong message to those in control in Isaac Nation that Weezer Nation will not tolerate continued warfare. Rulers of Isaac Nation beware! We can get you anytime we want.

The mission against Isaac Nation was an unqualified success. The mission was completed in only a few minutes with no causualties, and no damage to property.

My Name is Jonas Mission Briefing

Here are some photos taken by our special forces team on the ground to detail their assault.

Spec Op Soldiers Disembarking from Humvee

Spec Ops Soldiers entering Isaac Nation Presidential Residency Compound

PFC Jon A. Thane enters the Presidential Residency Compound

Special Forces Soldiers "coning" the Isaac Nation Presidential Residence

The mission was an unqualified success. The cones were delivered without incident, and the mission team is home safe and sound. Click here to read the recently released Mission Debriefing.