Today (4/13/02), Weezer Nation was struck by a trained terrorist organization that is confirmed to have originated in X-Philia Nation. A major blow was struck to Weezer Nation, and it was deemed necessary for the El Scorcho Special Operations Group to strike at the hearts of each nation in the Alliance. El Scorcho was just returning from guerrilla forces operations in the Boonies when they were immediately told to hit the road again. Execution of The Good Life began at approximately 1500.

The Good Life was a huge success, as each of the leaders of the Alliance was hit quite hard though it is reported that operational secrecy may not have been completely maintained at some points. El Scorcho hit the residences of the leaders of X-Philia Nation, Isaac Nation, and a-d0gg nation. Spies in X-Philia Nation report that the Presidential Residence was possible alerted to the presence of El Scorcho, though the mission against the Imperial Residence of X-Philia Nation went off with only a minor issue with some local UN peacekeepers who quickly got out of the way when they realized what firepower Weezer Nation was brining into play. Also, the El Scorcho operatives that destroyed infrastructure in Isaac Nation were nearly captured by the Isaac Nation Security Forces.


Photos of the Operation:


PFC Jon Thane escapes from a-d0gg Nation, after dropping off the cone.









El Scorcho soldiers on the move, in the process of coning X-Philia Nation.





Corporal Goobs "cones" the Lions outside the Imperial Residence of Czar Nicholas of X-Philia Nation.




A cone in place on top of one of the outbuildings of the Imperial Residence in X-Philia, payback for the brutal attack by the X-Phillian terrorists who coned the outbuildings of the Weezer Nation Presidential Residence.



Corporal Goobs removes "Big Bertha" from the 'Vic, and prepares to arm the weapon.





Coporal Goobs flees the Imperial Residence after planting "Big Bertha."





Sadly, photos of the attack on the infrastructure of Isaac Nation did not turn out, because of the increased security on the premises of Isaac Nation. The infrastructure was delt a huge blow, as both of the shipping vehicals were coned by El Scorcho. It is however important to note that each and every member returned home safely, in spite of attempts by Isaac Nation Security Forces, and the United Nations members near the residence of X-Philia Nation.