A word from you Minister of War:

Today, Weezer Nation underwent a horrific event, hopefully we will never again be forced to experience. In this Day of Infamy Two, as it will forever be known, terrorists that have been confirmed to have been trained in X-Philia Nation, struck at the Presidential Residence, in an incredibly successful, and unprecendented coning. Weezer Nation Secret Service members were caught unaware, and the terrorists were able to enter the premises without diffuculty. Weezer Nation's home front had been peaceful, and the fine citizens of that nation were caught offguard. Weezer Nation now understands that terrific music comes at a price, and there are forces the world around that would seek to prevent us from experiencing this music. Citizens of Weezer Nation: We must be ever vigilant if we are to preserve our way of life.

As most of you now know, we have dispatched those heros of the cladestine operations, the El Scorcho Special Operations Group, to make raids on those members of the Alliance who were thought to have the most influence. A strong blow was struck, and it is only a matter of time before Weezer Nation will be victorious!

Zach Griffiths

Minister of War

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