Because of the large number of Peacekeeping mission that Weezer Nation has embarked upon, to help preserve the boarders of the smaller nations around Lexington that are increasingly asserting their indepencence and desire to be protected from the harsh tyranny of the Czar Nicholas or so called "President" Isaac. This site will be an informative site for the Peacekeeping operations that Weezer Nation is engaging in during this time of crises.

The Weezer Nation peacekeepers are used to keep the peace in these small nations that have accepted our help, and keep peace along the boarders where a hostile enemy may be pushing on the flanks. These troops are also used to root out anti-Weezer nation elements in these countries. They often find Alliance supplied rebels or spies who are spreading anti-Weezer Nation propaganda or even committing acts of rebellion against the legitimate governments of those nations.

Lexington Center: Troops stand guard in Lexington Center to protect the interests of the center of commerce in Lexington. They maintain the peace, while setting up a defensive positions to help preserve the town if the town were to be attacked. It is hoped that Alliance troops will let the center alone so that some semblence of commerce can continue through this dreadful war.

Weezer Nation Peacekeeping Bunkers watch for signs of trouble in the Center and elsewhere



Katie Nation: Update on Katie Nation: After the sacking of Katie Nation by X-Philia Nation Troops, the Weezer Nation 4th Expeditionary Force, along with the 2nd and 10th Army Groups moved in and retook Katie Nation for the good of the Katie Nation Civilians. Katie Nation is now under the control of Weezer Nation Peacekeeping Forces. The Weezer Nation Peacekeepers are keeping things under control and maintaining the day to day things that a good government would provide. In an attempt to flee the boarder after requesting the X-Philia nation troops invade her nation, the Weezer Nation 2nd Army Group was able to capture the Queen and her entourage. She has been taken into Weezer Nation where she is currently being held under lock and key in the Capital.

Queen Katie just recently authorized the use of Weezer Nation Peacekeeping Forces in Katie Nation. The Weezer Nation Ministry of War dispatched the newly created 4th Expeditionary Group to Katie Nation, to serve in a peacekeeping facility, but to be ready to engage in serious warfare if necessary. The 4th Expeditionary Group is complemented by the Katie Nation Armed Services, who were quickly put under the control of Weezer Nation's local Military Headquarters to better protect Katie Nation. Approximately three quarters of the troops in Katie Nation have been sent to protect the boarders of Katie Nation, and are in the process of digging in to defend the nation. The remainder of the Weezer peacekeepers, still a sizeable force, are currently keeping the peace in the major city of Katie Nation, where they are rooting out those opposed to the goals of Katie and Weezer Nations.

Weezer Nation Soldiers keep education intact


Peacekeeping Photo Gallery:


Peacekeepers along the boarder of Katie Nation looking for possible dissenters or rebels





More Weezer Nation Peacekeepers looking for rebels, which is a very dangerous job




Katie Nation resident overjoyed to have Weezer enforced peace in his nation


Weezer Nation Peacekeeper accepts a flower from a local Katie Nation child, who thanked the peacekeeper for "keeping things in line" in Katie Nation