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Pizza Scene
Set: Mr. Zimmerman is in his entry hall waiting for the pizza guy.

Mr. Z: Where is that pizza guy?
Movement: Taxidermy Man pushes Gargoyle's nose
Gargoyles: Ding dong ding dong.
Mr. Z: That must be the pizza guy!
Mr. Z opens door
Crematorium Guy: Here's your gift from the Crematorium. You kill em' we grill em'.
Mr. Z slams door.
Gargoyles: Ding dong ding dong.
Mr. Z: This is gonna' be the pizza man, this is gonna' be the pizza man.
Mr. Z opens door
Taxidermy Guy: Here is a gift from Joes Taxidermy you snuff em' we stuff em'.
Mr. Z slams door.
Gargoyles: Ding dong ( mumble Ding dongs )
Mr. Z opens door
Mr. Z: Whadda' ya want this time, punk?!!!
Pizza Guy: Chh, I thought you'd like your pizza but if you don't want is-
Mr. Z: Givet! Oh, um, where are my jolts?
Pizza Guy: Jolts?
Pizza Guy: throws jolt cans.
Pizza Guy: Ahemm?
Mr. Z: (Shakes hand and slams door in face opens pizza box) EWWWWW! look at all that grease, its forming a face.
Zach face in pizza: Go to the turtle wax car wash and get a deluxe super hot wax. Bring Rose Rita too. It will be a five day trip, you will help save the future and save the worlds tipping.
Mr. Z: Why should I do it
Zach face in pizza: Just do it
Mr. Z: Nike (walks to phone and dials rose Rita) hi rose Rita can you come on a five day trip with us, great pick you up tomorrow, OK, bye.


Car Wash Scene

Mr. Z. (drives up in car)
Mr. Z.: Hey Rose Rita!
R.R.: Hey Mr. Zimmerman (Says while lugging big suitcase)
Mr. Z :Hop in Rose Rita
R.R. :Where are we going?
Mr. Z :To the car wash and beyond
R.R. :Why are we going to the car wash, you said we were going on a road trip
Mr. Z :You will see (car pulls into car wash)
Car Wash Guy:(Stumbles out of chair, throwing off head phones) Like what do ya want dude
Mr. Z : A super deluxe super hot wax please ( Car Wash guy turns knobs), emmmm, hey aren't you the pizza guy
Car Wash Guy/Pizza Guy : Yeah I was fired for drinking some dudes Jolts. Wait I drank yours, I gotta run to ahhh see my manager like right now bye ( runs through car wash) AHHH ARGGG the wax THUMP ( falls down)
Mr. Z : I guess its free (drives through car wash) AHHHHH I hate these convertibles
Mr. Z: Were there
R.R.: Where
Mr. Z: The future we must save tipping or it will drive the world to a mass revolt.
R.R.: Cool such a big responsibility.
R.R. Who is he
Mr. Z: He is going to help us save tipping
R.R. : oh
Prof C: By joe what do you want
Mr. Z: I am Mr. Zimmerman and this is my friend Rose Rita
Prof C: You got to come through a car wash, I had to come through the side of a McDonalds. But I insist you stay at my hotel room. Its on 29 Twenty Nine Ave
Mr. Z: Why sure hop in
Prof C:( hopping up and down in back of car)
Meet the Villains
Father Bart: We must dominate the tips of the world even though those mangy tip lovers are in the way.
Mr. Stolfzs: But how
F Bart: I have made a simple plan we bait a trap using the orb that made us cool demons with really cool powers, and poof we have them captured.
Tourist: I'm a little bit lost could ya tell me where I am? I'm a bit lost
F Bart: Sure ( waves hand at him) poof ( tourist falls over and stays there)
Mr. S: They won't fall for that they are much to smart, I know we should steel a lil' brat of theirs and bait the trap with it and the orb
F Bart: Why that is brilliant
Mr. S: I know He He
Person: Excuse me but could ya tell me where the bathroom is?
Mr. S: Why sure ( waves hand ) poof ( falls over and stays)
F Bart: So we will be here and you will be there and we jump out and surprise them her I'll make sure the orb is safe and you will perfect the girl.
Mr. S: Then ( foot ball mubo jumbo for a while)
F Bart & Mr. S : TOUCH DOWN!! YEAH!!
Tom Cruse Mission Impossible: Ha Ha I've got you're devilish plan on tape (drops it) Maybe I don't have a tape but I still remember it.
F Bart: That is fixable (waves hand) Poof ( Tom Falls over)
Mr. S: Now Its settled we will capture the brat and bait the trap
Both get up and leave the stage



Two villains at door
Father Bart: Ahhh a can't get the door open ( trying to open door)
Mr. Stolfuz: Alicazam (waves hand at door) now lets try it ( door opens easily)
F Bart: Now which one is the brat
Mr. S: I think its this one (points hand to Mr. Z)
F Bart: Lets go get him and leave
Both walk over to Mr. Z
Mr. S: (While waving hand) I put the sleep walking sleep walking spell on thy
Mr. Z gets up with Mr. S hand in spell casting formation Mr. Z walks out door
ten seconds later the villains walk back in with Mr. Z still in spell casting formation
F Bart: I told you we got the wrong one
Mr. S: No way This one looks right (pointing at Professor Childermas)
F Bart: Yeah right its gotta be this one
Mr. S: Fine
F Bart I wanna cast the spell this time
Mr. S: Oh all right
F Bart: I cast the sleeping spell on thy
R.R. gets up and walks out of the room being guided out of room while Mr. Z mumbles: Bye Rose Rita have fun
twenty seconds later and everyone has left except Prof. Childermas and Mr. Z
Mr. Z: ( wakes up) Rose Rita time to get up. Rose Rita? Rose Rita? ROSE RITA!! Professor Childermas Proffeser Childermas wake up wake up
Prof. C : (mumbling) what
Mr. Z the took Rose Rite
Prof C: Who
Mr. Z: The evil doers
Prof C: By joe we've got to get 'er her back
Both pick up flashlights and storm out of the room




Prof C and Mr. Z are sneaking around in hall singing Mission Impossible theme
Mr. Z: Here is the door. It looks really strong, how will we get in?
Prof C: Like this (hits door looking really hard, but really lightly)
door swings open.
Mr. Z: I see the orb
Prof C: I see Rose Rita, I'll get Rose Rita you get the orb
Mr. Z: Okay
Both walk toward the places they said they would while the evil doers jump out of their hiding places
Both evil doers: Ha Ha we've got you now
Prof C: No you don't
R.R. AHHHHHHHH, they turned me into a mime
All characters turn head toward Rose Rita and all scream: AHHHHHHHH its a mime: pointing fingers
Father Bart: How are you going to stop me
Prof C: Like this ( shines flashlight at him)
F Bart: AHHHHHH I can't move
Prof C: Knock over the orb
Mr. Z: Okay ( runs over and knocks over orb)
Both evil doers: AHHHH were melting ( humidifiers go on and villains run of stage)
R.R. I'm not a mime anymore, YEAH YIPPEE
Mr. Z: Come on Rose Rita lets go (all characters run off stage, then you hear an engine starting up)





Prof C: BYE ( While waving bye as Rose Rita and Mr. Zimmmerman drive off scene)
R.R. & Mr. Z: BYE Good luck getting through the side of a Burger King
After of the scene R.R. : Mr. Zimmerman watch out for that mud puddle ( humidifiers start again)




Sitting at table Mr. Z: Where is the Taco Bell guy
Flower Guy: Ding-Dong
Mr. Z walks to door and opens it
Flower Guy: We have flowers from a Professor Childermas of Lexington Ma
Mr. Z: Why thank you
Flower Guy: Wheres my tip dude
Mr. Z slams door
Ten seconds later
Taco Guy: Ding-Dong
Mr. Z Opens door
Taco Guy: Here are your tacos dude
Mr. Z: Thanks, where are my Cokes
Taco Guy: Cokes?
Mr. Z slams door
Takes the tacos and sits down with Rose Rita
R.R.: Yummy A Double Decker taco (opens taco) ahhh man there is lettuce in my taco
Mr. Z: Wow a face is forming in your taco
Face in taco: Your mission is complete. This taco will self distruct in thirty seconds
Mr. Z: Scarf it before it blows
R.R. Okay USA ( eats taco)


Now wasn't that a feat of creative achievment!!